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POC Traveler


POC Travel- A community for travelers of color
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This is just like any community for traveling abroad. The only exception is, it's a bit more sensitive to the nuances of being a traveler of color.

Whether you're Asian and traveling through Sierra Leone; Black and trying to hail a bus in Ljubljana, Slovenia; or (whatever) color in a back alley ramen restaurant in Japan; traveling can be an interesting and sometimes daunting experience.

This is intended for POCs (and their buddies) to share stories, recipes, thoughts, cultural information, current events, customs, immigration woes, the frustration of trying to destroy stereotypes, interesting facts and also give a bit of support to their fellow world travelers.

Community rules:
+ Absolutely no racism or ethnocentrism allowed. This community should harbor respect for everyone.

+ Posting is open to everyone but the community is intended for:
- Ex-pats
- exchange students
- travelers (frequent or infrequent)
- people who WANT to travel

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